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The First Sword Ever Made

There are many tales and legends that take us back to finding the historical origin of the weapon we deem to be a Sword. Before we go back in history, one of the things we must look at is, what is a sword exactly? A sword is a weapon with a long metal blade and hilt with a hand guard, usually used for thrusting and striking. A sword can have one blade in most cases when referring to the Samurai and sometimes two blades when thinking of Swords during the era of the Roman Kingdom. The Roman Kingdom has a more accurate version of the sword based on shape and overall structure. The sword was developed from the construction of the dagger which had a double blade. The oldest sword-like weapons were found in Arslantepe, Turkey and date as early as 3300 B.C. Before the implementation of the guns by China in the middle of the 12th century, Swords, Trebuchets and Arrows were the main forms of battle weapons in the early ages.

Swords have developed over the many years to finally being sold with Carbon Steel and Stainless Steel Blades. The first Swords were made out of Arsenic Copper. Those swords had an extremely low density and often lead to plenty of breakage. Tin-Bronze, which is not one of the most durable metals around but was generally lighter than other metals used. As time progressed in history, so did the quality of the Sword.

One of the most notable of Swords in history, is the Japanese Sword. In particular, the Katana used by the Samurai. While other styles of Swords like the Wakizashi and the Tachi gained recognition, the Katana was the sword wielded by some of the worlds most talented Swordsman. The Katana’s used by the Japanese Samurai, were constructed out of Tamahagane, which is a very high carbon steel. The art of folding each piece of steel was one of the most delicate of processes and made the Samurai unique in every aspect. This is one of many factors that made the Katana completely notable in the long line of history which involved amazing swords.


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Sword Care & Maintenance

How to clean your sword? Below are some fun facts on how to help care for your sword and keep it looking brand new for as long as possible.

Wielding a Sword
ALL edged weapons, battle ready or not, may be liable to cause injury or fatality. These weapons are also susceptible to become damaged if used improperly. Below are a couple of do’s and don’ts for care of your own personal sword.

Please Use Common Sense
Be responsible and aware of your surroundings, please do not swing any edged weapon carelessly. Keep in mind that your sword, battle ready or not, is still a weapon and can cause serious injury or possible death. Although we all have that “warrior” instinct inside of us, we must remember we do not live on a battlefield. Make sure you are extremely cautious of objects surrounding you and ensure you have plenty of room. Swords can also slip out of your hands. Selling your sword to pay for a lawsuit settlement is a big bummer. Be very careful and use common sense when handling your sword.

The Samurai respects his swords’ edge and protects it at all costs
No matter how tough or strong the steel is in any sword, it will chip or be damaged when struck against something equally hard. Do not bang your sword against another sword in theatrical-style duel. Do not bang your sword against any hard object to test its strength or to hear the notorious “sword sound” of the steel as it hits a hard object. Swords used for theatrical purposes are custom made with added thickness and dull edges to be able to sustain a fight scene.

Reasonable Use
Do not attempt to chop, cut or slice down trees with your sword. Such an activity is guaranteed to damage your sword. Axes and machetes are well designed for that very purpose with a weighted blade. When you strike a firmly fixed object like a tree or a thick branch with a sword, a great deal of the blade projects past the object being cut, causing the blade to bend or torque. It should be pointed out that the Japanese, who believe in a lot of practice with the sword, used thick bamboo. The bamboo was resistant to a cut, but didn’t have the rigidity of a tree, and so would not have damaged a valuable blade. For a Japanese warrior to cut in to a tree would have been unthinkable.

Sword Maintenance

What is the first step in treating your brand new sword? Proper sword care begins as soon as your new sword arrives.

Immediately After Receiving Your New Sword

What is Your Brand?

Many brands are starting to make a lot of noise in the weaponry industry and based on 2015 sales, American Benchmade is leading the way. With these brands in high demand we want to know which brands are the best for you? What are some things that you love and what are things that you just could not live without. It’s completely fine if you like more than one company or brand of knife but we are wanting to know why. Is it the Benchmade lifetime limited warranty? Is it the consistency of products from Smith & Weston? Is it the durability of Gerber? How about the elegant and constantly creative designs of CRKT and Kershaw? Let us know what you think and how you are feeling?


Black Friday – Keeping the Tradition Alive

The term “Black Friday” came into existence in the 1960s. The term usually represents the start of the bustling holiday shopping season. When retailers realized they could draw big crowds by discounting prices, Black Friday became the day of all days to save. In the early 2000s as the online market began to emerge, Black Friday now has a baby brother, Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is one of the most notarized and quickly rising popular days of the year. Many people don’t like to sit out in the blistering cold to only find out, what they were in line for is out of stock. Cyber Monday give live updates on stock status of a product, and gives people plenty time to have their products shipped in time before Christmas. Cyber Monday is now emerging as the front runner for so many companies as the E-Commerce world is slowly taking over. is often notarized for it’s already discount prices of items of 75% off of what you would find in your regular stores. Anticipation can only grow to see what ridiculous offers they have in store. With competition in the sword and knife market lurking around every corner, might make a serious push for the #1 spot this season. Rumors are circulating that they have a sales on items up to 50% off their OWN list price and Free Shipping on many items. Be safe this holiday season and make positive decisions.

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