What’s in your Survival Kit?

Sometimes certain events arise where you have to improvise and use the items available around you in emergency situations.  There are also those times when it may not even be an emergency; you just forgot to grab some gear on the way out the door on a camping trip.  Here are some amazing ideas of items you might not have thought about before that you’re able to use in a pinch.  After reading this you may just decide to add some of these things to your very own survival kit.  Now I must warn you some of this information might be a little weird and unexpected but it borderlines on genius.

Toothpaste- Toothpaste is a great way to relieve the sting of bug bites! Keeping plain old white toothpaste on hand is a plus as it also works well on burns that you may have received while around the campfire.

Vaseline and Cotton Balls- Did you know that if you take cotton balls and cover them with Vaseline they make great fire starters?  Scouts have been using this trick for years.  Vaseline can also be used to keep flies away; you can use it to shave, and there are tons of ways to use it in First Aid.

Mouthwash– Mouthwash is awesome at combating the dreaded morning breath but it does contain alcohol to it can be used to sanitize. Some brands even contain an antiseptic  so it can be used to kill bacteria, as well as fungi, protozoa, and some viruses. This is definite one item you may want to consider adding to your survival kit.

Panty Hose- A set of panty hose can be used to prevent blisters during long walks by wearing them under your socks. They can be used to filter water, for fishing nets, keep chiggers and ticks off, and as a tourniquet.

Tampons- Yes, Tampons.  These little wonders are sterile and can be used to stop bleeding of a wound or bloody nose. If you do not have a way to purify your drinking water you can use them as a crude water filter. The string also doubles as a wick for a candle.  The cotton works as a fire starter, blow dart fletching, and the entire tampon can be used as a fishing bobber.  But WAIT! Don’t forget about the plastic bag packaging as it can be used to store matches in since it is waterproof.

Duct Tape- With duct tape you can repair almost anything such as tents, boots, or water bottles….just to name a few.  You can use it to make rope, catch flies, or get rid of Planters warts. For first aid duct tape is the best because you can use it to make a splint, sling, wrap a sprained ankle, a bandage, or cover a blister.  Have you seen where people are making wallets, purses, and clothing out of duct tape?  It is so cool. No, really and there is even a contest called Stuck at Prom where a couple can win money for creating entire outfits out of duct tape to wear. My point is there is so much you can do with duct tape and it comes in all types of different patterns and colors.  So have fun with it.

Dryer Lint- If you don’t find the tampons odd, dryer lint might just do it for you.  Dryer lint can be used as a fire starter by itself or with other flammable materials like old cardboard toilet paper rolls.  You can stuff the dryer lint in these and Wa-lah!  Instant fire starter, Oh yeah! Dryer lint catches fire very easily this is why you should constantly clean out your dryer lint traps.

And that folks is my public service announcement for today. You are welcome!

And last but not least……

Condoms– Storing condoms in your survival kit is not a new idea and has been around for a long time.  They can be used to hold water, keeping tinder and fire starters dry; it can also be a great fire starter itself.  You can take a branch and condoms to make a sling shot for hunting. I know what you’re thinking “Who Knew?” right? Let’s forge on….if you are out of gloves you can use one of these bad boys, as well as a fishing bobby, and muzzle protector.

This is just some food for thought just in case you are ever in an emergency situation.  Look around you; see what is available, and what you might be able to create with it. You never know when you may have to rely on a simple tampon in your tackle box.

Muse Out!!!