There is a tight race going on in America and we are not talking about the World Indoor Championships. The presidential race is a very tight one although the margins seem more significant in polls. With another big Tuesday coming up for elections, presidential hopefuls are starting to narrow in on becoming a party representative.

On the Republican side of the election, there is an interesting character named Donald Trump who is leading the pack. Donald Trump holds a commanding lead in polls, delegates and popular support. With his projected business savvy more and more American’s are gravitating toward his views although many are far-fetched, cynical and at times irrational. He is said to be saying exactly, how over 8 million Americans truly feel. However, on the republican side, the race is far from over. Rubio is holding close to being in striking distance and Kasich is gaining much momentum more toward the end of the race and is looking to make a strong push. Kasich and Rubio both have their home states coming up which have a significant amount of delegate votes that could count into their favor.

On the Democratic side of things there is a race that is heating up and turning into something bigger than history. Bernie Sanders has taken a huge surge by winning the truly valuable state of Michigan. This has taken everybody, including election professionals by surprise. Many people are starting to feel the Bern as he has ran one of the most prolific campaigns of any true underdog. He is one of the very few presidential candidates that has refused Super PAC (Wall Street Based) donations. His campaign has inspired so many Millennials to vote in this election. Many people are upset with how the government has taken care of the country and now the people are voicing their opinion. Hilary has been dominating as usual on the campaign trail, however, she is running a very 2008 Obama-Like campaign.

While every candidate has their own flaw, they also have plenty of upsides. There has been recent concern over the excessively aggressive supports that appear at the Trump rallies. It seems, in so many of his rallies, silent protesters of various ethnic backgrounds have been directly affected by his abnormal behavior. There seems to be a spike in violence and also a growth of concern. The concern comes in because the City of Chicago forcefully shut down his scheduled rally. It seems like the community that seeks equality for all is truly unwelcoming to the projected hatred and bigotry displayed toward all other races and cultures.