There are many people that have not had a chance to see the Deadpool movie. How sad considering it was your ONLY job for February. Valentine’s Day was cancelled this year in a lot of relationships because of the hype behind this movie. We all know and understand how Deadpool was created and there are even some speculations on how he earned his name. We all understand that he was supposed to be an evil villain at first but certain situations resulted in him doing good deeds. If you have not seen the Deadpool movie, shame on you. You are missing out on one of the best Marvel films since the first X-Men. While there are many honorable mentions in between for best Marvel film, there are none that were done, from start to finish, almost flawlessly. The action was spot on, it was not like a watered-down overly deceptive action sequence that you would see in a Michael Bay film. The use of slow motion was almost as good as that from the first movie 300. The intensity was outrageous but offset by the outrageously funny Deadpool humor. While many of the jokes are direct and dry, they still make you laugh pretty hard without even trying. Now there is a warning that this IS NOT A KID’S MOVIE. A warning to all parents that this is not your average superhero movie and most of these jokes are very adult and honestly should be rated higher than PG-13. In blank stare news, this is in top contention for movie of the year with ease, as the complete production is spectacular. If you haven’t seen the movie, go see it.