The warmer seasons of North America are finally approaching and this is where life begins to get interesting. One of the most anticipated fights of all time between Marvel characters is finally taking place on the big screen. Batman and Superman take center stage. However, DC has not put itself in the right position to win with this film. While the hype is on a totally different level, the standard to follow after Deadpool was released is mind boggling. Matt Damon has pretty small shoes to fill after following casting of Christian Bale in the Dark Knight series of Batman. Henry Cavill was a surprise casting for the role of superman as he has come from completely off radar. Based on trailers, he has brought out the mean side of Superman and getting rid of the “cheesy” it’s “easy all the time” Superman. **Fun Fact: Superman first debuted in Action Comics in 1939. However, he didn’t actually fly until 1941.

This story gets really interesting because Batman and Superman are more acquainted with each other than many of us understand as semi casual fans. In the comics, Bruce “Batman” Wayne, was the owner of the Daily Planet, in which Superman and Lois worked. Batman was not the founder of the Daily Planet but acquired it in a business deal after the ownership was relinquished by the notorious Lex Luthor. The twist gets even deeper because superman has much more than just one weakness. With Batman being the highly intellect and successful person that he is, he was well aware of many of the other weaknesses of Superman. However, in this film, Batman doesn’t find out until after the Bat Suit came out.

What are some other things that can cripple what we thought was superman?

Red Sun Radiation can actually harm Superman. While superman gets a good portion of his power from the sun, his weakness also lies there. The red sun radiation can actually reverse the effects of the yellow sun radiation making superman practically powerless.

High pitched frequencies are often overlooked as being a weakness for superman. He has one of the keenest senses of hearing of all of the DC characters making his hears extremely sensitive to high pitched frequencies. How is this interesting, Batman can easily detect this is if the fight so happened to be anywhere near a subway station where Superman could visibly be harmed by the noise of train wheels screeching to a stop.

Believe it or not, Superman could actually just get beat if an opponent had enough torque in his punches to physically wound him. Very few villains were able to throw punches strong enough to do so but this is not an impossible task. Atlas, Wonder Woman, and Shazam have all hit Superman in the face and severely damaged him during a fight.

There are more weaknesses that are very prevalent that can give Batman the upper hand in this battle although Batman is a mere human with no super powers. There are things like nuclear warheads, extreme heat and one special one that Batman has said is the most dangerous, morality. Batman claims that Superman does not possess that “killer instinct” that he has to rid an opponent. It’s more of that Superman cannot take advantage of the moment and gives people opportunities by attempting to reason and often lets down his guard. This match up should be something special as we have been awaiting this for decades to hit the big screen. We choose Batman as the victor in this first film. The battle begins 3.24.16. Who are you choosing to win this first fight?