In recent news, politics have taken over news stations to host presidential candidates for the 2016 Presidency. Right now Democrats, Independents and Republicans are fighting to win the primary general election for their respective party. There are not too many people who are completely unaware of what is going on in this campaign season, especially with all of the news with feuds and arguments. There were many heated exchanges between Sanders, Clinton, Rubio, Cruz, Christie and others. One of the most notable feuds that have taken a much larger scale of attention is that between Jeb Bush and Donald Trump. Jeb Bush receives much criticism for his brother George Bush II, father George Bush Sr. and how badly the economy suffered under the Bush Administrations. Since June 15, 2015 Jeb has been campaigning to help separate himself from the issues that linger around his family’s name and Presidency. Banners fill the streets of campaigning cities to go to and check out what he can do to mold our great country into something positive.
However, this time has taken a turn for the worst. Somehow Donald Trump was informed of and how the domain was expiring. Donald Trump has then, bought the domain and redirected the website to his own personal website to Donald Trump’s trolling has lodged an extreme brick into the presidency and the Republican Party does not like it. While many are disliking his antics, his polling numbers are leading the Republican Primary by substantial numbers. Help us understand this. Has trolling gone too far? Does Jeb Bush deserve to get his campaign website bought from him?