Please remember that Valentine’s Day falls on a Sunday and many restaurants are not always going to be open as they would on a Saturday. (Just something to consider.) Below we are going to list some tips to help your Valentine’s Day go smoothly and some fun things to do that aren’t so traditional.

  1. Dinner – If you are going to do dinner, make sure you set your reservations starting now. Restaurants are already booking up with people planning things. This is an opportunity for you to show your significant other that you can plan and make things go as planned. Some things you want to consider when picking dinner, know what your significant other likes and loves to eat. Do not pick a restaurant because it’s nice and do not just choose a brand new restaurant because if you both do not like it, you just wasted a reservation. Know your significant other, know what their “go-to” food is. Remember, meals don’t have to come from a 5-Star restaurant to have a 5-Star Taste.
  2. Attire – Many people on Valentine’s Day wear dresses, suits or nicer clothes from their wardrobe. When picking your wardrobe, know what the weather is going to be so the weather won’t ruin your day or night. Fellas, if it’s going to rain, bring a trench coat and umbrella. Ladies, wear a “safe” hairstyle that moisture won’t tarnish your whole look if it were going to rain. Wear layers in colder states, it’s easier to cool down than to warm up.
  3. Daytime Affairs – Why not start the morning with a nice breakfast? The best way to start your day is on a full stomach. You will have energy for the duration of the day and hopefully for the night. Think of some interactive things you can do during the day to where you and your significant others can just have fun. Fun makes all relationships nice and smooth on this day. Think about activities like bowling, the circus, laser tag, go-kart tracks, museums, picnics in the park, tour around the city, go horseback riding, go to the arcade, visit the hidden gems of the city, go to the zoo or go to the aquarium. There are plenty things to do, it’s just a matter of doing them.
  4. Nighttime Affairs – There are so many things to do at night that could make the night perfect. You could have a dinner on the beach, you could ride a Ferris wheel that looks over the city, you could go to a botanical garden full of lights, and you could even stay in the house and cook a special dinner with rose pedals and soothing music. There are plenty of ways to be romantic, you just have to do the little things.
  5. The Little Things – There are some small ventures you could enjoy like going to pick flowers together, share an ice cream cone, go ice skating, roller skating or even learn some salsa dances or other ethnic dances. Compliment your other, open the door for them, smile, laugh and just be yourself, goofy and all. Instead of buying flowers, pick them. If stead of buying a card with the right things to say, write them down and make your own card. Money can’t buy happiness and it won’t impress most people.
  6. Put the Phone Down – Don’t let your phone be used for anything other than “Ussies” or “Selfies”. There is nothing more important than your significant other on this day. You don’t have to check Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or any other social media outlets because at that time, everybody else is showing you how much attention they are giving their significant other and you are now missing out.
  7. Enjoy Yourself – Many people mess up this day because they become systematic and are over prepared. Many people end up hurting their fun factor by thinking everything has to be like a movie. Just have fun and accept that stuff happens. If you relax and enjoy the person you are spending the day with, you will find this day to be memorable.

    Be safe, have fun, shop