For many years the U.S. Government and the N.R.A have gone back and forth about the laws regarding gun control. Under recent years, the NRA has come under fire for their avid dedication to keeping firearms freely accessible to all U.S. Citizens in wake of the uncommon spike of mass shootings. There were shootings that took place in a South Carolina church, there were multiple shootings in theatres and other venues across America. We often look back to the shooting that took place at Sandy Hook Elementary. All of these events were heartbreaking and all of these events involved guns.

In these past couple of months, President Barack Obama has been tampering with a thin line for the NRA. He proposed a Bill that would block the “gun show loophole” which forces background checks for the buyers at gun shows. Currently there is not gun show law set in place, and private sellers can sell ANY gun of choice at trade shows. However, all sellers at these trade shows are required to have background checks prior to having the ability to sell guns to regular citizens at these trade shows. The rule regarding that was set by the NRA and has been in place for many years. The biggest fear for the NRA is change.

The NRA feels the blockage of the “gun show loophole” is violation of the 2nd Amendment which is classified as the “Right to Bear Arms” as it feels that it’s a well-regulated and controlled militia. Often, they do not consider themselves to be a militia unless necessary action has to be taken. The NRA currently sees no issues with how they currently manage transactions between buyers and sellers and would like to be left alone entirely by the government.

In wake of the election of a new president, many politicians are asked to answer questions of the spiking murder rate in the United States. The NRA is taking a huge hit as the political races have started taking a reformation approaches at gun laws. Many of the questions directed toward the politicians running for President are reflective of 3 things: economy, international affairs and national violence. Many individuals are calling for a ban on Assault Rifles as they feel they are unnecessary and a military weapon that should not be in the streets of our nation what so ever. During the recent Democratic debate, a candidate stated, “You do not need an assault rifle to hunt, so what do you need it for.”

This raises great controversy because Republican Nominee Marco Rubio recently bought another firearm for his household on Christmas Eve. How do you feel about this, that he is arming himself? While there are many pro’s to firearms, there are a lot of cons as well. How do you feel about the proposed bill and how do you feel about civilians owning assault rifles?