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December 2015

What is Your Brand?

Many brands are starting to make a lot of noise in the weaponry industry and based on 2015 sales, American Benchmade is leading the way. With these brands in high demand we want to know which brands are the best for you? What are some things that you love and what are things that you just could not live without. It’s completely fine if you like more than one company or brand of knife but we are wanting to know why. Is it the Benchmade lifetime limited warranty? Is it the consistency of products from Smith & Weston? Is it the durability of Gerber? How about the elegant and constantly creative designs of CRKT and Kershaw? Let us know what you think and how you are feeling?



Winter 2015?

Over the past few weeks in the Southeastern states of America, Winter has been approaching. Or has it? For one of the very few times in the history of Georgia, there were temperatures peaking at over 70 DEGREES on Christmas day. What are your feelings on the Winter of 2015? Has it started yet? Could it be Global Warming? Mere Coincidence? End of the world? Let us know! We want to know! Please Share.

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