The term “Black Friday” came into existence in the 1960s. The term usually represents the start of the bustling holiday shopping season. When retailers realized they could draw big crowds by discounting prices, Black Friday became the day of all days to save. In the early 2000s as the online market began to emerge, Black Friday now has a baby brother, Cyber Monday. Cyber Monday is one of the most notarized and quickly rising popular days of the year. Many people don’t like to sit out in the blistering cold to only find out, what they were in line for is out of stock. Cyber Monday give live updates on stock status of a product, and gives people plenty time to have their products shipped in time before Christmas. Cyber Monday is now emerging as the front runner for so many companies as the E-Commerce world is slowly taking over. is often notarized for it’s already discount prices of items of 75% off of what you would find in your regular stores. Anticipation can only grow to see what ridiculous offers they have in store. With competition in the sword and knife market lurking around every corner, might make a serious push for the #1 spot this season. Rumors are circulating that they have a sales on items up to 50% off their OWN list price and Free Shipping on many items. Be safe this holiday season and make positive decisions.